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Taiwan Green Energy, LED and Solar Green Energy is the Trend

Time: 2012-11-10

B&K got high-profile in Taiwan Green Energy Industry Forum

"Green Energy Industry Forum" sponsored by Taiwan's Green Energy Industry Development Association recently concluded in Taipei. Hundreds of elites from the schools of Government, industry, research, academia discuss the nuclear disaster in Japan reflection of Taiwan's green energy industry current situation and future development, to make plans for sustainable green energy and green city. Taiwan side considered that green energy cooperation will become the new hot spot for cross-strait industrial cooperation,  and Taiwan Green LED and solar will be a trend.
Wangyun Ming, Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs, Deputy Secretary for Energy, said, the government estimates that 25 billion yuan investment will happen in five years, setting and subsidizing to promote renewable energy, energy conservation, to lead Taiwan toward a low-carbon society.
President of Green Promotion Council Wen-Hsiung Liu pointed out that the ratio of energy use in Taiwan, the relative importance of the proportion of nuclear power plants. Fukushima nuclear disaster event, taught the world a deep grasp of the nuclear energy not "absolute safety of energy"; as to the abolition of nuclear power plants, is not, as some people claim made overnight. The oil is not inexhaustible, so the development of new green renewable energy is very urgent.
Ms Gao Ping, CEO of Shenzhen B&K Rechargeable Battery, Inc., said that energy storage will become the key topics in the green industry trends of every country. Obama administration had adopted the U.S. economic recovery and reinvestment plan (ARRA), which has 16 projects for energy storage. Obama invested $ 3.4 billion since last year, for construction of smart grid, to manage people home energy-consuming appliances such as refrigerators, heating and cooling; in the future, energy storage investment in transmission and distribution equipment and storage battery in 2020 will become the largest industry.
Ms Gao Ping said that green energy has been closely linked with people's lives. New products such as the B&K new energy - solar energy storage battery, electric vehicle battery, Tablet PC battery, eBook battery and netbook battery, concentrated on high safety, small size, light weight, slim, high capacity, long cycle life, green and recyclable characteristics. These ractical applications bring us more convenient green live. What We concerned about, the electric car, green buildings in densely pane yard solar power silicon panels are increasingly perceived by us, and new energy is no longer empty slogans and show commodities, they already can indeed change our lives, so that Taiwan can become a "low-carbon homes ideal Fukuchi” and make our lives better.
"Taiwan got great progress in the research and development of solar power generation, light-emitting diode (LED). The preliminary results from mainland China Green Energy Technology is also very positive, and the two sides may be able to find some common on cooperation." Ms Gao Ping said, "B&K had established technology R & D team in Taiwan, 2011. If we combine both sides of the talent, technology, raw materials, equipment, marketing, and management experience, to reduce duplication of investment, for strengthening cooperation in the development of key technology. It certainly extend the use of solar energy more widely available, making Chinese solar and LED very prominent in the global field of industry . "
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